Request for an Email List (Listserv)
Email List Request

Request for Email List

Enter the requested information in the form below. By submitting this request you are acknowledging that you have read and will abide by the terms and conditions of the College policy on the Acceptable Use of Computer Resources and Electronic Communication.

Once you have filled out the form, click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the screen to forward your request.

* items are required!


______________________ REQUESTOR INFORMATION _____________________
* Name: 

_________________________ LIST INFORMATION ________________________
*(1) Enter the requesting department, group, committee or organization.

*(2) Briefly describe what the list will be used for.

*(3) Enter a name for the e-mail list (see note 1).

Note 1:
This will be the frist part of the e-mail address used to post messages.
For xample, if you enter "BIO-Faculty" as the list's name, the list's e-mail address will be: "".

The maximum length of a list name is 32 characters. The name should consist of alphanumeric characters and cannot contain any spaces or special characters such as: ! @ # $ % & * ( ) / . ". +
*(4) Enter a title for the e-mail list (see note 2).

Note 2:
The list title is the description of your list that shows in the "From:" field when messages are received from your list. The title of your list can describe what your list is used for (e.g., Biology Department, Sabbatical Committee, etc.). Example: if you enter "Biology Department", the "From:" field will say:

From: Biology Department <>
*(5) Enter the full e-mail address of the primary person who will be the owner of this list.

 (6) Enter the full e-mail addresses of any additional owners of this list (see note 3).

Note 3:
Addresses must be separated by a comma.
Although they are not required, you should enter at least two email address so there are backup contact persons for this list. Ideally there should be three owners for any given list.
*(7) Enter the full e-mail addresses and names of the initial members of this list.
(see note 4)

Note 4:
Unlike the additional owners entry, these should be entered one address per line.
You must include the e-mail addresses of the list owner(s) entered in 5 and 6 above.
Some Format Examples: John Smith Joe Soreal
*(8) Who should be able to subscribe to this list (see note 5)?


Note 5:
"Owners Only" means that only list owners will be able to add subscribers to the list.
"Anyone" means that anyone can subscribe to the list.
"Send Request to Owner" means that the owner must confirm the request (via e-mail) before a subscriber is added to the list.
*(9) Who should be able to post to this list (see note 6)?


Note 6:
"Anyone" means that anyone can post a message.
"List Subscribers Only" means that only list subscribers will be able to post a message.
"Moderated List" means that when a post is submitted to the list, it is forwarded to a list moderator first. The list moderator can either deny or confirm the post.
*(10) Where should replies to list messages be sent (see note 7)?


Note 7:
"Sender" will only send replies to the sender of list messages.
"List" will send all replies to list messages to everyone subscribed to the list.
"Do Not Reply" will disallow replies to list messages.

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